Should You Hire a Business Lawyer? 6 Questions Debunked

This is the first post in a series of legal related articles written by FreshBooks customer and small business expert Nellie Akalp, who is the CEO of – an online legal document filing service. If you’ve ever wondered if you’d be better off saving your money and handling legal matters on your own, you [Read more…]

Partnering with a friend? Why you still need things in writing

Are you starting a business with a friend or former office mate? Partnering with someone you know can be a great way to launch a business, but mixing business with family and friends can also be tricky. Here’s what you need to know to protect the business from potential landmines down the road. When partnering [Read more…]

Do you need a business license?

When you are starting a business, it can be hard to keep up with all the legal obligations. Most small business owners want their operation to be legit, but the challenge is you may not even know which legal obligations you are missing. At, we frequently get calls from new entrepreneurs asking just what [Read more…]

Contacting a Debtor | Legal Advice Help

Communications with the debtor must always be for a reasonable purpose, and should only occur to the extent necessary. It may be necessary and reasonable for you to contact a debtor to: give information about the debtor’s account convey a demand for payment accurately explain the consequences of non-payment, including any legal remedies available to [Read more…]

Chasing An Overdue Debt | Legal Advice Help

If you’re providing products or services, you expect to be paid.  But sometimes clients or customers don’t. Legal Advice Help can help you recover money that’s owing to you. Before even thinking about launching into legal proceedings Legal Advice Help will give you practical advice on the range of remedies available as well as the [Read more…]

Small Business Debt Recovery | Legal Advice Help

All companies require profitability and cash flow if they are to survive in the ever-changing & unstable business world. Bad debt can have a devastating effect on a business, rendering them unable to fund their own business needs and ultimately forcing them to shut their business down. Bad debt can ruin your company as it [Read more…]