Chasing An Overdue Debt | Legal Advice Help

If you’re providing products or services, you expect to be paid.  But sometimes clients or customers don’t. Legal Advice Help can help you recover money that’s owing to you.

Before even thinking about launching into legal proceedings Legal Advice Help will give you practical advice on the range of remedies available as well as the costs and risks involved in pursuing your legal rights.  The last thing you want to do is waste money chasing a debt that isn’t likely to be paid.

There may be different processes involved, depending on whether the person who owes you money is a person or a company.

Sometimes we need to commence legal proceedings, firstly to get judgement against the debtor, and then, if necessary, to enforce it.  For an individual debtor you may be able to sell his or her assets, or have their employer pay you part of their wages, or even bankrupt them.  For a company debtor you may be able to have it wound up.

Legal Advice Help will give you advice at each stage of the matter and any court proceedings.  You’ll be well informed and know what to expect in terms of procedure, costs and time.

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